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Ratification or Admission:  February 14, 1859 (33rd)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1859
State Abbreviation:  OR
State Capital:  Salem
Largest City - Population:  Portland
Origin of the Name:  Possibly taken from the Spanish for “wild sage” or the French Canadian for “storm or hurricane” (refering to the stormy Columbia river)
State Motto:  “Alis volat Propriis” (She flies with her own wings)
State Nickname:  Beaver State
State Song:   “Oregon, My Oregon” | Lyrics: J.A. Buchanan | Music: Henry B. Murtagh
State Animal:  Beaver
State Bird:  Western Meadowlark
State Fish:  Chinook Salmon
State Flower:  Oregon Grape
State Fruit:  Pear
State Gemstone:  Oregon Sunstone
State Insect:  Oregon Swallowtail
State Mineral:  Oregonite & Josephinite
State Tree:  Douglas Fir
State Flag:  The state flag of Oregon is the only state flag with different images on each side. On the reverse appears a beaver, the state animal. Both sides have a field of navy blue with design in gold. It was officially adopted in 1925. The front picture includes a heart shaped shield with an eagle on top, surrounded by thirty-three stars. (The number of states in 1859.) The scene on the shield shows the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, mountains, forests and a covered wagon. A plow, wheat and pickax represent farming and mining. Of the two ships: The one leaving is a British ship and the one arriving is a United States ship representing trade. The eagle represents the United States. On a banner are the words “The Union” representing support for the United States. Finally the flag is emblazoned with the words “State of Oregon” above the picture and the date of statehood “1859” below.


cattle, hay, milk, vegetables, wheat, wool.

diatomite, sand and gravel and stone.

electronic equipment, food processing, lumber and wood products, paper products.

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