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Ratification or Admission:  March 14, 1820 (23rd)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1819
State Abbreviation:  ME
State Capital:  Augusta
Largest City - Population:  Portland
Origin of the Name:  Two versions: One is that it was so called by early explorers after the private estate of Henrietta Maria in Maine, a French province; the other attributes it to fishermen of the islands along the coast who referred to it as the main or mainland, often spelled "Maynland" in some early documents.
State Motto:  “Dirigo” (I Direct)
State Nickname:  Pine Tree State
State Song:  “State of Maine Song” | Lyrics & Music: Roger V.Snow
State Animal:  Moose
State Bird:  Black-capped Chickadee
State Fish:  Landlocked Salmon
State Flower:  White pine cone
State Fruit:  Wild blueberry
State Gemstone:  Tourmaline
State Insect:  Honeybee
State Mineral:  None
State Tree:  White Pine
State Flag:  On a blue background, the Maine state flag shows the state’s official state seal. It was officially adopted in 1909. The blue background is required to be the same blue as the United States flag. Maine’s official state seal on the flag shows a pine tree with a moose lying at the foot of it. On the left side of the shield is a farmer resting on a scythe (a tool used for cutting crops such as grass or wheat) and on the right side, a seaman, resting on an anchor. The farmer and the seamen are representing Maine’s very important agriculture industry. Below that is the state’s name, Maine in capital letters. Towards the top of Maine’s flag is the North Star and a label resting between the shield and the crest is “DIRIGO” which translates to “I lead”, Maine’s state motto.


Apples, cattle, blueberries, eggs, milk, potatoes, wood.

Gemstones, sand and gravel, stone.

electronics, food processing, leather products, ships, wood products.

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