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Ratification or Admission:  March 3, 1845 (27th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1969
State Abbreviation:  FL
State Capital:  Tallahassee
Largest City - Population:  Jacksonville
Origin of the Name:  From the Spanish– means "feast of flowers". To commemorate the arrival of Ponce De Leon on the peninsula- Easter Sunday 1513.
State Motto:  “In God We Trust”
State Nickname:  Sunshine State
State Song:  “Old Folks at Home” | (“Swanee River”) | Lyrics & Music: Stephen Foster
State Animal:  Florida Panther
State Bird:  Mockingbird
State Fish:  Largemouth Bass
State Flower:  Orange Blossom
State Fruit:  Orange
State Gemstone:  Moonstone
State Insect:  Zebra longwing
State Mineral:  None
State Tree:  Sabal Palm
State Flag:  The original 1868 flag of Florida was simply the Florida state seal centered on a field of white. In the 1890's, Florida's governor suggested adding the red cross so the flag would not look like a banner of truce or surrender when hanging limp on a flagpole.


cattle, fruits, honey, milk, sugarcane, vegetables.

clays, limestone, natural gas, petroleum.

chemicals, clothing, electronics, food processing, printed materials.

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