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Ratification or Admission:  July 10, 1890 (44th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1890
State Abbreviation:  WY
State Capital:  Cheyenne
Largest City - Population:  Cheyenne
Origin of the Name:  Taken from an Algonquin or Delaware Indian phrase, meaning “at the big mountains and valleys”
State Motto:  “Equal Rights”
State Nickname:  Equality State
State Song:  “Wyoming” | Lyrics: Charles E. Winter | Music: George E. Knapp
State Animal:  American bison
State Bird:  Western Meadowlark
State Fish:  Cutthroat trout
State Flower:  Indian Paintbrush
State Fruit:  None
State Gemstone:  Jade
State Insect:  Sheridan's Green Hairstreak
State Mineral:  None
State Tree:  Plains Cottonwood
State Flag:  Wyoming flag shows a bison on a blue field bordered in white and red. The state seal branded on the bison. The woman represents the state motto “Equal Rights” and the two men represent cattle ranchers and miners. The words “Livestock”, “Mines”, “Grains” and “Oil” represent Wyoming’s wealth. The eagle and shield show support for the United States. The dates 1869 and 1890 tell when Wyoming organized as a territory of the United States and when it became a state.


barley, cattle, hay, sheep, sugar beets, wheat, wood, wool.

coal, natural gas, petroleum.

chemicals, lumber, petroleum and coal products, printed materials.

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