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Ratification or Admission:  May 29, 1848 (30th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1848
State Abbreviation:  WI
State Capital:  Madison
Largest City - Population:  Milwaukee
Origin of the Name:  Taken from an Indian term, meaning “grassy region”
State Motto:  “Forward”
State Nickname:  Badger State
State Song:  “On, Wisconsin” By: William T. Purdy
State Animal:  American badger
State Bird:  Robin
State Fish:  Muskellunge
State Flower:  Wood Violet
State Fruit:  Cranberry
State Gemstone:  None
State Insect:  Honey Bee
State Mineral:  Galena
State Tree:  Sugar Maple
State Flag:   Starting at the top of a shield on a dark blue field is the state motto “Forward”. Below it is a badger the state animal. A sailor and miner show that the people work on water and land. The shield in the center shows Wisconsin’s support for the United States. In four sections surrounding the shield are representations of the states main industries: agriculture, mining, manufacturing and navigation. The cornucopia and pile of lead represent farm products and minerals.


corn, eggs, hay, milk, potatoes, wood.

sand, stone.

electronics, food processing, lumber products, machinery, metal products, paper products, plastic products, printed material, transportation equipment.

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