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West Virginia

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Ratification or Admission:  June 20, 1863 (35th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1872
State Abbreviation:  WV
State Capital:  Charleston
Largest City - Population:  Charleston
Origin of the Name:  Named after England’s Queen Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen“
State Motto:  "Montani semper liberi" (Mountaineers are always free)
State Nickname:  Mountain State
State Song:  “West Virginia Hills” | Words by: Ellen King | Music by: H.E. Engle / “West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home” By: Julian G. Hearne
State Animal:  American black bear
State Bird:  Cardinal
State Fish:  Brook trout
State Flower:  Rhododendron
State Fruit:  Golden Delicious Apple
State Gemstone:  Mississippian Fossil Coral
State Insect:  Monarch Butterfly
State Mineral:  None
State Tree:  Sugar Maple
State Flag:  A white field is bordered in dark blue. West Virginia’s flag displays a rock containing the date June 20, 1863, the day West Virginia became a state. The two men represent farming and mining. Below them are two rifles with a “Liberty Cap” on top the rifles. A banner ribbon includes the state motto “Mountaineers Are Always Free”. Around the picture are a wreath of rhododendron and the name of the state on a red ribbon.


apples, chickens, corn, fruit, milk, sheep, wool.

coal, natural gas, petroleum, sand, stone.

chemicals, clothing, lumber products, machinery, metal products, printing.

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