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Ratification or Admission:  December 29, 1845 (28th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1876
State Abbreviation:  TX
State Capital:  Austin
Largest City - Population:  Houston
Origin of the Name:  From the Indian for "hello friend", or possibly from a term used by the Spanish for “friendship”
State Motto:  “Friendship”
State Nickname:  Lone Star State
State Song:  “Texas, Our Texas” | Words by: Gladys Y. Wright and William J. Marsh | Music by: William J. Marsh
State Animal:  Nine-banded Armadillo
State Bird:  Mockingbird
State Fish:  Guadalupe bass
State Flower:  Bluebonnet
State Fruit:  Texas Red Grapefruit
State Gemstone:  Texas blue topaz
State Insect:  Monarch Butterfly
State Mineral:  Silver
State Tree:  Pecan
State Flag:  It features a single white star, and three bands of red, white, and blue. The state’s nickname, the Lone Star state came from the iconic symbol on the flag. The blue stands for loyalty, white for purity, and red for bravery. The single star stands for all of Texas that represents unity for God, state, and country. The Lone Star symbol was also an older symbol that represented independence from Mexico.


cattle, chickens, corn, cotton, fruits, hay, rice, wheat.

Natural gas, petroleum, salt, sulfur.

chemicals, electronics, food processing, machinery, metals, petroleum products, printing, transportation equipment.

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