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Ratification or Admission:  November 16, 1907 (46th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1907
State Abbreviation:  OK
State Capital:  Oklahoma City
Largest City - Population:  Oklahoma City
Origin of the Name:  Taken from Choctaw Indian words for “red” and “people”.
State Motto:  “Labor omnia vincit” (Labor conquers all things)
State Nickname:  Sooner State
State Song:  “Oklahoma” | Words by: Oscar Hammerstein | Music by: Richard Rodgers
State Animal:  American Bison
State Bird:  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
State Fish:  White bass
State Flower:  Oklahoma Rose
State Fruit:  Strawberry
State Gemstone:  None
State Insect:  Honeybee
State Mineral:  Crystal
State Tree:  Redbug
State Flag:  The blue field comes from a flag carried by Choctaw soldiers during the civil war. The center shield is the battle shield of an Osage warrior. It is made of buffalo hide and decorated with eagle feathers. Two symbols of peace lie across the shield. One is the calumet, or peace pipe. The other is an olive branch. Crosses on the shield are Native American signs for stars, representing high ideals.


cattle, cotton, hay, milk, poultry, wheat, wood.

coal, gypsum, helium, natural gas, petroleum, stone.

electric manufacturing, food processing, machinery, metal products, petroleum products, rubber products, transportation equipment.

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