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Ratification or Admission:  December 11, 1816 (19th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1851
State Abbreviation:  IN
State Capital:  Indianapolis
Largest City - Population:  Indianapolis
Origin of the Name:  Latin for “Land of the Indians“
State Motto:  “The Crossroads of America”
State Nickname:  Hoosier State
State Song:  “On the Banks of the | Wabash, Far Away” | Lyrics: & Music: Paul Dresser
State Animal:  None
State Bird:  Northern Cardinal
State Fish:  None
State Flower:  Peony
State Fruit:  None
State Gemstone:  None
State Insect:  Say's Firefly
State Mineral:  None
State Tree:  Tulip Poplar
State Flag:  The field of the flag shall be blue with nineteen stars and a flaming torch in gold or buff. Thirteen stars shall be arranged in an outer circle, representing the original thirteen states; five stars shall be arranged in a half circle below the torch and inside the outer circle of stars, representing the states admitted prior to Indiana; and the nineteenth star, appreciably larger than the others and representing Indiana shall be placed above the flame of the torch.


corn, hay, soybeans, tobacco, wheat.

clay, coal, gypsum stone, petroleum, sand and gravel.

chemicals, electronic, food processing, machinery, metals, rubber, steel.

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