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Ratification or Admission:  December 3, 1818 (21th)
Present Constitution Adopted:  1970
State Abbreviation:  IL
State Capital:  Springfield
Largest City - Population:  Chicago
Origin of the Name:  Based on the Algonquin Indian word ilenweewa meaning “warriors“
State Motto:  State sovereignty, national union
State Nickname:  The Prairie State
State Song:  “Illinois” | Lyrics: C.H. Chamberlain | Music: Archibald Johnston
State Animal:  White-tailed Deer
State Bird:  Northern Cardinal
State Fish:  Bluegill
State Flower:  Violet
State Fruit:  Goldrush Apple
State Gemstone:  None
State Insect:  Monarch Butterfly
State Mineral:  Fluorite
State Tree:  White Oak
State Flag:  The Illinois flag features the central image of the state seal on a field of white (the Illinois seal features an eagle holding a banner in its beak with the state motto written on it; “State Sovereignty, National Union”).


cattle, corn, fruit, hay, milk, soybeans.

Coal, petroleum, sand, stone.

chemicals, electronics, food processing, machinery, metals, printing, transportation equipment.

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